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Hours (Monday to Friday)

  • Half day:                    07:00 – 14:00 (including lunch)

  • Full day:                     07:00 – 17:30

School Closed

  • On Public Holidays

  • ± 3 weeks between Christmas and New Year.  These dates will be given to the Parents in the beginning of the year.

Delivery and Collection of Children

  • Children must be accompanied into the School building

  • Children may only be collected by or with the written permission of the person(s) who signed the enrolment form, OR if parents gave written permission for other person(s) to collect.

Settlement of Children

  • It takes approximately ten days for a child to settle in his/her new environment and we would like to request that you remain patient during this period of adaption.

Signs of Illness

  • Please check for signs of illness before bringing your child to School

  • Please also notify the Teacher if the child has been ill or upset during the night.


  • Please notify the School between 07:00 and 09:00 if your child is unable to attend.

Infectious Diseases

  • Children suffering from infectious diseases are not allowed to attend School

  • Children with yellow/green noses are also infectious.  Children on antibiotics are allowed back at School 48 hours after first dose

  • In certain cases (e.g. head lice), a clearance certificate issued by the Health Department of Randburg City Council will be required on return.


  • Must be clearly marked with child’s full name and instructions

  • Must be left in the Room next to the Office and collected when leaving

  • Please inform your Teacher when your child needs medicine.  It is the PARENTS responsibility to take medicine/s home in the afternoons.


  • Clothes must be clearly marked

  • Children must wear suitable clothes for outdoor play (preferably without shoes when the weather permits it as this is important for the development of foot muscles).  Slippery shoes can be dangerous when climbing on the apparatus

  • Teach your child to look after his/her clothing and shoes and to put it away in his/her case or bag, as and when he/she takes it off

  • School clothes are not compulsory.  Please order these by the 5th of each month so we can place orders.  It will take ± 3 weeks.

Baby and Toddler requirements

  • Two (2) face cloths with loops, which should be brought clean each Monday and collected on Fridays to be washed

  • Daily:

                          *           A change of clothing

                          *           Five (5) nappies

                          *           A plastic bag

                          *           A bib

                          *           Nappy pin, if necessary

                          *           Bottles with milk formula/juice.

Nursery School Children requirements

  • A suitable case or bag, no smaller than 30 x 20 cm

  • A change of clothing.


  • Children are not allowed to bring their own toys to School

  • Toys inadvertently taken from School must please be returned.


  • Children are not allowed to bring food or sweets to the School.

Red and Blue Classes

  • Learn to socialize with other children

  • Learn to work in a group situation

  • Learn to follow and carry out instructions

  • Learn to be independent, i.e. dressing, toilet routine, etc.

  • Learn to be creative by introducing them to painting, colouring, pasting and drawing

  • Develop vocabulary and language through story-telling and discussions of subjects and given situations or pictures

  • Using a pair of scissors to cut as close as possible to a line

  • Puzzles

  • Gross motor skills: balancing, hopping, walking on a straight line, kicking a ball, etc.

  • Free play periods to pay with educational toys.

Green and Yellow Classes


Before a child is ready for School, it is necessary for him/her to:

  • Have an effective control of his body and limbs

  • Have fine control of his hand and fingers

  • Be socially adjusted in Class for learning purposes, i.e. able to work on his/her own, accept authority, wait his/her turn and interact with others in a group

  • Learn with understanding and remember what is heard

  • See with perception and interpret what is seen

  • Be able to absorb knowledge, remember it and later reproduce it, i.e. concentration, attentiveness, persistence and memory

  • Be able to categorise through differences and similarities

  • Be able to understand, speak and express himself / herself clearly through language.

We follow a School Readiness Programme.  This programme is designed to develop the above skills and in so doing creates in the Child a real desire to learn and an enthusiastic, positive attitude towards “big school”.  We also do hand/eye co-ordination exercises, memory training games and exercises in order to develop listening skills.  This involves the Children in perceptual work.



  • Children are from time to time entertained on an outing to a place of interest, e.g. zoo or farm, etc.  We also get this entertainment to come to our School, which is a safer option.

Extra Murals offered

  • Gym

  • Karate

  • Ballet

  • Computer Lessons

  • Rugga Kids

  • Horse Riding Lessons

  • Pottery.

Parent Evenings

  • These will be held twice a year for Nursery School Children.

Progress Reports

  • These will be available in April and November for all Nursery School Children.

School Readiness Assessments

  • School Readiness Assessments by an Educational Psychologist with a written report to the Parents can be arranged.


For all Children whether enrolled for half day or full day

  • Breakfast:                                           08:00 – 08:15

  • Lunch:                                                12:15 – 12:45

  • Cold drinks and snacks:                      10h15 and 15h15.


Safety of Children

We realise that Children are investigative by nature and on top of that has lots of energy.  Experience has shown that injuries sustained on School grounds cannot be eliminated completely.  The following preventative measures have been taken / are being taken to ensure an environment as safe as possible:


  • 2 meter fencing around the premises

  • Regular inspection of playground equipment

  • Throwing of objects is prohibited

  • Playground duty by Personnel

  • Regular road safety play on our traffic circuit

  • First Aid attendance to minor injuries

  • Training of Personnel to do First Aid and CPR.

Circumstances affecting Child behavior

  • Please do not hesitate to inform us of any change in home circumstances which may lead to changes in the Child’s behavior at School.

Important Notices

  • Please watch the Notice Board in the entrance hall for important notices.

Change of Address and/or Telephone numbers

  • Please notify us in writing of any change in your Home or Work Address and Telephone Numbers.


  • A non-refundable registration fee and a deposit which is refundable when a 2 month’s notice is given when leaving, will be payable on admission.

  • The registration fee and advance payment will be forfeited, should the Child for any reason whatsoever not attend School.

School Fees

  • As Children are under normal circumstances enrolled for the Calendar year, School fees are based on an Annual tariff.

  • Fees can be spread over the period of 12 months (i.e. 2 x half yearly, 4 x quarterly or 12 x monthly payments).

  • Fees spread over the period of 12 months are in all instances payable in advance on the first day of the month.

  • No refund will be considered due to being away on holiday or sickness.


  • Please notify us in writing of any change in your Home or Work Address and Telephone Numbers.

Notice for Termination of Enrolment

  • As a specific place is reserved for the Child, two Calendar months’ notice will be required.

  • Notice must be submitted in writing by no later than the last school day of the preceding month.

  • Fees are payable till the last day of the Notice period, i.e. if Notice is received on the 31st of May, fees will be payable for the following month, i.e. till 31st July.

Late Payment of Fees / Outstanding Fees

  • A R100.00 surcharge will be levied on all payments made after the 5th business day of the month.

  • Should fees be outstanding for a period of more than 3 weeks, the Child will forfeit his/her position at the School.

Children leaving at the end of November

  • Children leaving at the end of November (whether on holiday or for Primary School) will be liable to pay for the full Calendar year, (i.e. up to the end of December).  This measure is necessary.

  • as children are enrolled/re-enrolled (i.e. a position is reserved for the Child) for the Calendar year or the remainder of the Calendar year.


  • as staff and other overhead expenses need to be borne irrespective of whether the Child attends school or not.


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