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Child EducaRe Centre

(Registered Nursery School and Crèche)


Welcome to the Child Educare Centre website. This site is created to help existing and prospective parents understand our concept of education and our methodology of realizing this concept. We encourage you to go through the pages of this site carefully and hope that you shall find it useful, informative and inspiring.

This site also offers detailed information about our school and about various other aspects of our work. For answers to any questions you may have or for further information about any aspect of the Child Educare Centre way of life, please contact us.

OUR Mission Statement

The aim of the Centre is to provide each child with:

  • An education which will help to develop the intellectual, aesthetic, physical, social and emotional growth of the child in a happy and caring environment.


  • An education which will be a foundation for life.


  • Please feel free to discuss with us any problem pertaining to your child, in this way we get to know and understand them better.


  • Give them a good start and watch them grow.


The school is designed in different sections and makes provision for the child to proceed as he/she develops and/or gets older.

  • Crèche
    • Baby Section

      Our aim is to help our babies to develop into well balanced, happy, well-mannered toddlers.  To achieve this goal, we care for them, stimulate them and love them.


    • Toddler Section

      To enable our toddlers to develop into happy, well balanced children we teach them not only to share, but they also get the opportunity to learn to socialize.


      Toilet training: where necessary, social graces, language development, music appreciation, as well as basic creative activities form part of our daily routine.


      The toddlers also get the opportunity to play with educational toys under adult supervision.



  • Nursery School

The Nursery School is equipped with specially selected outdoor equipment on which the children develop and practice their gross motor skills.

The sandpit not only provides hours of fun, but also teaches volume, depth, touches and gives the children practice in sharing and other social skills.

In Summer the large tubs provide for water play.  An important educational medium enjoyed by all.

The Nursery School is structured in such a way that the child is extended physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

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