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Babies and Toddlers

Baby Section
Our aim is to help our babies to develop into well balanced, happy, well-mannered toddlers. To achieve this goal, we care for them, stimulate them and love them.

Toddler Section
To enable our toddlers to develop into happy, well balanced children we teach them not only to share, but they also get the opportunity to learn to socialize.

Toilet training: where necessary, social graces, language development, music appreciation, as well as basic creative activities form part of our daily routine.

The toddlers also get the opportunity to play with educational toys under adult supervision.

Red class (2-3yrs) and Blue class (3-4yrs)

•Learn to socialize with other children
•Learn to work in a group situation
•Learn to follow and carry out instructions
•Learn to be independent, i.e. dressing, toilet routine, etc.
•Learn to be creative by introducing them to painting, colouring, pasting and drawing
•Develop vocabulary and language through story-telling and discussions of subjects and given situations or pictures
•Using a pair of scissors to cut as close as possible to a line
•Gross motor skills: balancing, hopping, walking on a straight line, kicking a ball, etc.
•Free play periods to pay with educational toys.

Green Class (4-5yrs) and Yellow Class/Grade 0 (5-6yrs)

•Before a child is ready for School, it is necessary for him/her to:
•Have an effective control of his body and limbs
•Have fine control of his hand and fingers
•Be socially adjusted in Class for learning purposes, i.e. able to work on his/her own, accept authority, wait his/her turn and interact with others in a group
•Learn with understanding and remember what is heard
•See with perception and interpret what is seen
•Be able to absorb knowledge, remember it and later reproduce it, i.e. concentration, attentiveness, persistence and memory
•Be able to categorise through differences and similarities
•Be able to understand, speak and express himself / herself clearly through language.


Schools Closed
•On Public Holidays
•± 3 weeks between Christmas and New Year. These dates will be given to the Parents in the beginning of the year.
School Readiness Assessments
•School Readiness Assessments by an Educational Psychologist with a written report to the Parents can be arranged.

Hours (Mon - Fri)

Half day: 07:00 – 14:00
Full day: 07:00 – 17:30


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Office Hours

Monday – Friday
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